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The Future is Open Banking

For a payment experience that's not only quick and secure but also delightfully simple.

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What is Open Banking?

Open banking is like a digital bridge that connects your bank with other financial services through the Internet.


It allows you to securely share your financial information, like your account balances or transaction history, with apps and services you trust.

The Benefits

Easy to Integrate

Open Banking is quick and simple to integrate as a stand-alone, additional payment or part of a full payments suite


Leverages robust security protocols and customer authentication methods, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions and ensuring data privacy.

What We Offer

User Experience

Simplifies the payment process, allowing customers to make payments directly from their bank accounts without the need for credit cards or manual data entry.

Customer Trust

By offering open banking as a payment option, businesses can showcase their commitment to innovative and secure payment solutions.

Data Insights

Access customer transaction data (with customer consent), which can be leveraged for personalized marketing and product recommendations, enhancing the overall customer experience.

How does Open Banking work?

Open banking works by using digital technology to connect different banks and financial services. Imagine it as a secure pipeline through the internet. When you give permission, this pipeline allows apps and services to access your banking information, like your account balance or transaction history.


This can help you do things like check all your account balances in one app, or pay for things directly from your bank account without a credit card. It's like giving the green light to safely share your financial details with the services you choose, making managing your money easier and more convenient.

Inclusive, accessible and popular payment methods, all in one package.

We integrate into your checkout online, offline and in-app

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