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Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

Say goodbye to barriers and hello to convenience as we redefine the way your customer navigates and pays. Making every step of their journey effortless, smooth and accessible to call.

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What is Direct Carrier Billing?

Experience the pinnacle of convenience with our advanced remote payment system, designed specifically for the cell phone user. Catering to a wide array of needs, from travel tickets to products and services, our solution ensures effortless transactions right from your mobile device.

Leverage the power of our state-of-the-art telecommunications payment system. Whether you're a consumer or a business, the 'pay by mobile' feature empowers you to seamlessly charge transactions directly to your monthly bill, be it on your smartphone, handset, or tablet. Elevate your payment experience with us.

The Benefits

Easy to Integrate

DCB is quick and simple to integrate as a stand-alone, additional payment or part of a full payments suite. available for offline, in-app and website checkouts.

What We Offer

Inclusive & Accessible

Truly a bridge between cash and digital payments. It is the closest thing to cash that Cashless can get. With over 8 million people in the UK still using cash. The digital transition needs to be inclusive and, in our opinion, there is no better alternative to DCB.

Better for Microtransactions

With commercials being significantly better for payments that are under £5 when comparing to some popular payment methods, it is no wonder why business are choosing to add this inclusive payment option into their checkouts.

How does it work?

A remote payment method allows users to pay for things such as tickets for travel – products, support, services and content with their mobile devices.

This pure telecommunications payment method lets players or consumers use a ‘pay by mobile’ option on their phone, handset, or tablet to directly charge the transaction amount to their monthly bill.

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Inclusive, accessible and popular payment methods, all in one package.

We integrate into your checkout online, offline and in-app

"Carrier billing is a government-regulated and globally utilised payment mechanic that can bridge the gap between cash and cashless payments within the UK's transport sector. It has the potential to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for all passengers and users. "

Victoria Hull - Head of Business Development at DMM


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