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Debit My Mobile & ZatPark integration announcement brings #ChargeToPhoneBill to parking sector


Debit My Mobile and ZatPark integration brings #ChargeToPhoneBill payments to the parking sector

Debit My Mobile, a text-based payments solution provider founded by global tech investor, Gary Corbett, is delighted to announce that it has completed an integration with ZatPark, a leading parking management software provider in the UK..

This integration brings #ChargeToPhoneBill parking payments to the UK market, and the agreement facilitates easy adoption for ZatPark customers who want to be able to offer fast, simple and highly inclusive text-based payment methods to their car park users across Great Britain.

The #ChargeToPhoneBill transaction is billed directly to the end user’s mobile phone bill rather than using a debit or credit card, which makes it much more accessible and inclusive, as there is no need to share bank card details or to download an app and pre-register.

There’s a transaction limit of £40 per transaction and a monthly limit of £240, amounts that make it a process that is effective for parking payments and #ChargeToPhoneBill benefits customers in several ways:

  • Fast. Simple. Accessible.

  • No App to download.

  • No Registration needed.

  • No Smartphone needed.

  • No Bank Account needed.

  • No Bank Card Details to share.

Head of Business Development for Debit My Mobile, Victoria Hull, who has been in the payments sector for over ten years said: “This is already a well-established payment method in the UK and worldwide, but we want to bring it to the UK parking and transport markets. Our partnership with ZatPark will help car park operators to make fast, simple, secure payments available for their car park customers, without the need to download an app, pre-register for anything or share any bank card details.

Debit My Mobile’s Payment Solution Specialist, Doug Mather, who has 15 years of experience in the parking sector, said: “We’re really excited to have finalised our integration with ZatPark. The work has been quite simple for our team to complete and the ZatPark team was very helpful along the way. In partnership with ZatPark, we look forward to rolling out the first true text-based #ChargeToPhoneBill payments in the UK."

Jono Clark, Development Technologist at ZatPark, said: “Innovation is central to the way we work and that’s why we’re looking forward to making a success of this integration with Debit My Mobile.”



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