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Debit My Mobile provides an easy, accessible and cost-effective way to pay.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Accessibility

Better Payments

A mobile phone mock up shoing how Premium SMS works P BOOKING SUCCESSFUL Location 9687YOUR REGAll Day Text a shortcode Sent 15:20 Received15:20

Great Things Can Happen When You Use Premium SMS

  • Eliminate cash

  • Get around faulty meters

  • Skip the queue

  • Save yourself the hassle with apps

  • Perfect for parking, transport & ticketing.


Universal Payments

Our mobile payments system is simple, cost-effective and can run alongside systems offered by other payment providers on the same site. Payments can be made via SMS or Direct Carrier Billing integrated into app, website or pay station software.

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Premium SMS

Send a keyword to a 6-7 digit shortcode to complete payment and receive your digital receipt via SMS. 

  • Perfect for low signal areas 

  • One of the quickest payment methods

  • Great for users without smartphones

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Direct Carrier Billing

Works similar to Premium SMS but in order to pay the customer needs to enter their phone number and confirm a code.

  • No need for bank details

  • Integrates into your system

  • Versatile and scalable

Lower Cost Per Transaction Fees

By integrating mobile cashless payments transport industry businesses allow their customers to pay directly to their mobile phone bill, using SMS or Direct Carrier Billing - no card or bank details required. It’s simple, secure and convenient and can be integrated anywhere in the UK.

Reliable payments

Proven concept

Enhanced operations

Trusted, Secure & Reliable

Our British Parking Association membership status perfectly reflects our key objective to diversify and enhance the payments landscape in ticketing, transport and parking.

Building A Better Experience
You can be collecting mobile payments as quickly as within 24h of signing the contract.

Social Inclusivity 
Our mobile payments solutions ensures that you capture and address the un- banked audience.  Improving your reach.
Increased Revenue
Better cost per transaction fees compared banks cards. Potentially saving you thousands of pounds.
It’s easier to use than credit and debit cards and can potentially convert up to 7x more first-time users as a result

Speak To A Payments Expert

What you can expect to learn during the call:

  • How our payment technology can save you money

  • How quick and easy it is to integrate

  • How our system improves the customer journey