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 Easily integrate our accessible alternative payment method for parking.




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Tickets have never been so quick and easy to purchase via your mobile phone




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Available across Great Britain



Our mobile payments system is called Charge To Phone Bill, officially known as Direct Carrier Billing in the telecommunications industry. It is an accessible payment method as it only requires a mobile phone and a signal as low as 2g. It can run alongside systems offered by other payment providers on the same site. Payments can be made via SMS or integrated into your app, payment website, or pay station software.

Integrated Payment

Easily integrates into your existing payment solutions. Two-step PIN verification makes the payments secure and trusted, without slowing it down for the end user.

Integrate easily and quickly

Alternative payment method


Excellent user experience

SMS Payment

Send a keyword to a 6-7 digit shortcode to complete payment and receive your digital receipt via SMS. Buying a ticket is as easy as sending a text.

Works in low signal areas

Quick payment method


Don't need a smartphone

Trusted, Secure & Reliable

Our memberships & partnerships perfectly reflect our key objective to diversify and enhance the payments landscape in ticketing for both the transport and parking markets.
We are proud to be working with these organisations.

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