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#chargetophonebill by Debit My Mobile is now available for the Transport Sector

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

As payments move away from cash, there’s a need to make sure that everyone has access to being able to pay for their journey, and payment solution specialists Debit My Mobile have the answer with #ChargeToPhoneBill. Paying directly to your mobile phone bill is a proven technology that has been used for many years and millions of ticket transactions across Europe. The customer journey is simple, users can buy a ticket by simply sending a text message – making it ideal for new or leisure users. This payment technology also offers the added benefit of faster boarding times and a further reduction in the need for cash.

Speaking about #ChargeToPhoneBill, Victoria Hull, Head of Business Development from Debit My Mobile said “we’re delighted to bring our payment solution to market at a time when the need for accessible payments continues to grow. #ChargeToPhoneBill is used for millions of ticket payments in Europe every year. It’s great to be bringing it to the transport industry, especially as it’s the closest thing to cash that cashless can get”.

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